Agricultural Biotechnology Support Project II

Supporting agricultural development through biotechnology

K.V. Raman

Dr. Raman has a Ph.D. in Agriculture and Horticulture from the University of Reading, UK. He was a Post-Doctorate at Cornell University, USA, exploring potato integrated pest management. As a Director of ISAAA AmeriCenter (1993-96), he was responsible for biotechnology transfer in Latin America. He developed and implemented many projects related to potato improvement in developing countries as the Program Leader of Integrated Pest Management Program at the International Potato Center, Lima-Peru (1978-1993). He has worked at Cornell University 1977-78 and now from 1993 as the Executive Director of Cornell International Collaborative Project in Potato Late Blight Control and Associate Director of International Programs, responsible for implementing several projects in biotechnology transfer and teaching. Currently, Dr. K.V. Raman is Associate Director of ABSPII and is located at Cornell University. He is responsible for South Asia (Bangladesh and India) programs and for the overall coordination and facilitation of ABSPII projects.